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CLC Engineering, LLC is a privately-owned consulting firm, located in Alexandria, LA.  The well-trained engineers and designers at CLC specialize in civil and structural engineering for foundations, substations, switchyards, transmission and distribution lines.  Additional services provided include industrial, commercial, and residential inspections.  Licensed in 49 states and 1 US territory, CLC’s projects are located geographically across the continental US and internationally.

Civil Design

  • Storm Drainage

  • Site Grading

  • Cut & Fill

  • Erosion Control

  • Road Design

  • Foundation Design

  • Oil Containment Systems

  • Earth Retaining Wall Design

Structural Design

  • Lattice Transmission Towers

  • Folded Plate, Tapered Tubular Steel Poles 

  • Steel Substation Structures

  • Aluminum Substation Structures

  • Shop Drawings

  • Equipment Enclosures

Electrical Design

  • Sag and Tension Design of Overhead Conductors

  • Below Grade Grounding Design

  • Outdoor Yard Lighting Design

  • Overhead Strike Protection Design

  • Physical Yard Layouts Schemes and Design

  • Materials and Equipment

  • Mechanical Bus Design

  • Bus Fault Design

Environmental Services

  • SPCC Plans

  • Design of Spill Containment Reservoirs

  • Phase I Assessments

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Forensic Engineering

  • Residential Inspections

  • Industrial & Commercial Structural Inspections

  • Foundation Inspections

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Meet the Staff

  • Jason Delrie, PE

  • Jeremy Rollins, PE

  • David Pfeiffer, PE, SE

  • Jada Lewis

  • Will Mackin, EI

  • Zachary Mayes, EI

  • Isac Oliveira

  • Elena Pastushkova

  • Peyton Briggs

  • Don Reed Jr.

  • Wesley Peaslee

  • Michelle Walker

  • Lynn Gatch

  • Wendy Keady

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CLC offers cost-effective 3D substation models and renderings. Here is an example of a High Voltage Substation model designed by one of the highly skilled designers employed at CLC Engineering.

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CLC is dedicated to achieving client-motivated goals.  The engineers and designers provide expert services and endeavor to meet all customer expectations.

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